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Indigo Flash Studio and Nautilus

2009-02-13 15:39:59 by Indigon

Welcome to the Indigo Flash Studio blog-page on NewGrounds! I'm proud to present you a new Flash studio, formed by the makers of the successful game from last year,
Stochastic. The studio's mission is to create fun and quality games for the casual gaming and indie scene once per few months.

The first major project under the studio label is a fast arcade, adrenaline filled game called Nautilus. As the previous game release by me, the goal in Nautilus will be to survive as much as possible and reach high scores, while under extreme pressure, created by fast-paced, yet fun, gameplay, tensed music, and an exciting visual and audible presentation. The player takes the role of a laser cannon operator, found alone in a future wasteland, as hundreds of mechanical enemies approach it with only one goal in their artificial minds - Destruction. Nautilus will offer a unique "defend the base" and turret control gameplay which has never been seen in a video game before, 15 types of enemies - each type with a unique ability, and a special power-up system based on the tactical skill of the player rather than a random factor as seen in most games of this genre.

If you have been wondering why a game with a concept like this got a marine-themed name, check out the information about the real Nautilus (also known as THEL - Tactical High-Energy Laser) over here.

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming weeks as the development of Nautilus comes to closure.

Shay Davidson,
Indigon Flash Studio.

Indigo Flash Studio and Nautilus


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